Covatutto 108 Automatic

Covatutto 108 Automatic

The incubator COVATUTTO 108 Automatica has the same features of the incubator COVATUTTO 108, plus it is equipped with a safe automatic system to rotate the eggs. Automatic egg turning devices that prevent any possible oversight! Indispensable accessory if you want to get the maximum result with the least effort. 


Heating: resistor 60w + 90w + fan

Thermometer: with a liquid-filled glass tube

Materials: non-toxic plastic

Measure: cm 52 x 45 x 61.5h

Features: two trays for incubation and hatching

Humidity: 1 water pan supplied in the standard equipment

Egg turning device: 2 automatic egg turning devices supplied in the standard equipment

Approximate capacity:






60 x 50 x 67 19,086 8010213978098

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