Covatutto 16L Pro
Covatutto 16L Pro
Covatutto 16L Pro
Covatutto 16L Pro
Covatutto 16L Pro
Covatutto 16L Pro
Covatutto 16L Pro

Covatutto 16L Pro

New Covatutto 16L Pro incubator, super compact, ideal for those approaching the world of poultry farming and who want to experience the pleasure of incubating without worries or for those who need to incubate a limited number of eggs;

the upper body supports a digital display from which to set the machine at the start of incubation (number of days, water refilling reminder, automatic egg turner).

Equipped with a support for the digital thermo-hygrometer (not supplied) and a completely new tilting egg turner system; the egg turner has a fixed central separator and two movable ones, very useful for arranging the eggs in the best possible way. 

Sandwich insulation guarantees excellent performance and helps maintain a constant temperature and humidity inside the incubator.

The Covatutto 16L Pro incubator allows optimal handling of eggs, including small eggs.

Simple to set up and easy to clean, the price/quality ratio is very competitive.



Material: non-toxic plastic

Heating: 3 x 25watt E14 (incandescent) bulbs

Thermometer: digital with temperature control per species

Materials: non-toxic plastic

Features: sandwich insulation

backlit display with 3 functions: indication of incubation days, water refill memo, start/end egg turner setting

Egg turner: new automatic rotation system, tilting, equipped with one fixed and two movable separators

Humidity: two internal accommodations on the machine bottom + fixed water tank with external refill





31.5 x 27.5 x 31.5 2.60 8010213000560

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