Mosquito exterminator BOXER, 11W...

Mosquito exterminator BOXER, 11W actinic lamp

It can be discreetly placed in all household and public premises,

because it operates in an eff ective and noiseless way. Thanks to

its particular lamp, it attracts all fl ying insects that are sucked by a

fan, and then conveyed into the specifi c tray, which can be easily

removed in order to be cleaned in a handy way.

The side emission of the exhaust air allows hanging these devices

to the wall; the particular tray cover for cleaning operations and

the great sturdiness help in enhancing the unique features of the


Actinic lamps: 1 11W lamp

Maximum lamp output: 2000 hours

Consumption: 40W

Range of action: 4-6 m

Power supply voltage: 230V


Ideal solution to fight mosquitoes, flies and insects of various


Material: coated steel

Features: actinic lamp for insects, sucking fan, removable tray

Use: households, warehouses, shops...

Lamp: actinic, 15W

Consumption: 60W

Range of action: 8 - 10 m

Voltage supply: 230V


1 60 x 20 x  32.5 9.50 8010213017346

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