Electronic rat exterminator

Electronic rat exterminator

Ultrasonic exterminator, equipped with 250 automatic frequency variations. The electronic rat exterminator is used in particular to disinfest environments (warehouses, cellars, shops, etc.) where mice and rats are present, but it is also effective against pests such as cockroaches. This particular system emits ultrasounds at a frequency that automatically varies from 20 to 50 kHz with an efficiency of 106 dB at 1 metre; these ultrasounds act on the parasites' auditory and nervous systems, causing them discomfort and after some time they leave the environment. Ultrasound emission frequencies are such that they are not perceived by humans.


Material: galvanised and coated steel

Features: ultrasound type, equipped with 250 automatic frequency variations included between 20 and 50 Khz, 106 dB efficency at 1 mt distance /it cannot be perceived by the human ear)).

Ideal solution to exterminate mice, rats and cockroaches, in particular environments, such as, warehouse, cellars, shops...

Power supply: 12V with transformer

Size: max. 13 x 6.8 x 10.5h



6 26 x 21 x 45 1,325 8010213972522

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