Mill Nuovo Ercolino

Mill Nuovo Ercolino

Electrical mill that grinds cereals and maize-cobs.
A gate valve regulates the quantity of cereals that comes from a large hopper and arrives at the grinding chamber. Here, a hub with 20 hammers and driven by a powerful motor allows obtaining flours or grits of various sizes, which are suitable as animal food. Four sturdy legs assure the stability of the device. When the patented safety device is removed to open the door and access the moving components, it will immediately interrupt the power supply to the device.

Ideal solution for grits.
Induction motor: 1500 W – 2 Hp (3500-4000 rev/min).
Production in Kg (the production may vary according to the type and the humidity level of the product): MIN: 60 - MAX 360
Sieves in the standard equipment:


Material: galvanised and coated steel
Ideal solution for split cereals (corn, rye, oat,...) and corn-cob grinder
Induction motor: 1500W - 2 Hp (2800-3000 rpm)
Hourly milling e.g. corn: min. 60Kg - max. 360Kg
Motor safety: thermal device with manual resetting system
Blade access safety: patented safety device
Adjustment of cereal flow: manoeuvrable adjustment gate valve Sieves in the
standard equipment: 






54.5 x 60 x 60 30,80 8010213005183

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