Covatutto 162 Digital

Covatutto 162 Digital

The incubator COVATUTTO 162 Digital was conceived to allow a quick modification of the settings, and so the incubation of a wide range of species. The “top” of the line has never been so easy to use. Simple and highly functional, the digital display offers key settings to monitor the incubation at any time. Functions, such as the warning to rotate the eggs, the filling in of the pans with water, etc... are within reach of a finger. Just press the buttons in the display to obtain all details you need at any time. The case is made with plastic material, and the transparent door allows monitoring inside the machine. Three egg trays, two electric heating elements, two fans and two water pans assure very high functionality standards. Noiseless, compact, resistant, the model COVATUTTO 162 -Digital is the best product within the very wide range of incubators that are offered by Novital. The best of innovation within a single product.


Heating: resistor 60w + 140w + 2 fans

Thermometer: digital-type with temperature control by species

Materials: non-toxic plastic

Features: three trays for incubation and hatching, backlit display with 3 functions: display of days before hatching, water refill, egg turning display

Humidity: 2 water pans supplied in the standard equipment

Egg turning device: 3 manual tie rods supplied in the standard equipment

Approximate capacity:






60 x 50 x 67 17,338 8010213977640

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