Covatutto 54 Digital
Covatutto 54 Digital

Covatutto 54 Digital

The incubator COVATUTTO 54 Digital is characterised by the features of a large incubator. Excellent materials that were selected to assure resistance and professionalism. Practical transparent cover to monitor inside the machine. Innovatory digitized system to further simplify any type of operation (from setting egg hatching days to temperature, and also warning to fill in the water pan). Egg incubation has never been so simple.


Heating: resistor 90W + fan

Thermometer: digital-type with temperature control by species

Materials: non-toxic plastic

Measure: 58 x 41 x 35h

Features: sandwich-type insulation, backlit display with 3 functions: display of days before hatching, water refill, egg turning display

Humidity: fixed water pan with external refill

Egg turning device: 1 manual tie rod supplied in the standard equipment

Approximate capacity:






60x26x42 6,40 8010213977688
1• 65x47,5x31,5 7,50 8010213977695

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