Reflector Aladino 250 Premium

Reflector Aladino 250 Premium

Indispensable device to heat small animals of various species (chicks, pigs, dogs, cats, sheep, ....), which need warmth during the first days after their birth. ALADINO is provided with various items that assure maximum safety: particular ergonomic rubber-coated handle, protection of the lamp holder, sturdy and non-deformable structure.
ALADINO must be placed at the correct height to focus the brightness and the heat of the infrared lamp into the space below and according to the temperature of the premises; thanks to this device, about 100/200 chicken chicks or 6/12 pigs, one day after their birth, can continue their vital functions that are necessary for growth development.


Heating: infrared lamp E27, max. 150W-250W (not supplied in the

standard equipment)
Materials: non-deformable and non-toxic plastic, high thermal and mechanical resistance
Features: ideal solution for the first days of life of chicks, dogs, cats, pigs and sheep

Measure: ø cm 23 x 49h

Cable length:
- m 2.5 (2163A0000)
- m 5 (2164A0000) 



2 40 x 27 x 26 1.81 8010213978203
4 31,5 x 27 x 57,5 1,94 8010213978210

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