Automatic drinker with 12cm fixed...

Automatic drinker with 12cm fixed pan, rodent-resistant

Automatic drinker with 12cm fi xed pan, with automatic level

regulator. The rodent-resistant pan is fi xed to prevent the animal

from scattering the water. The level regulator can be removed for

cleaning operations not to interrupt the water connection, which

does not need to be directly linked to the tap. Ideal solution for

rabbits, but it can be also used for poultry and similar animals.


Material: rodent-resistant non-toxic plastic

Features: automatic type with 12cm fi xed pan, the fl oat unit

is removable for cleaning purposes (the water connection is


Ideal solution for the connection to a gravity water main



48 37 x 38 x 48 0,192 8010213005152
16 35 x 15.5 x 35 0,205 8010213505157

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