Siphon drinker 1,5 l

Siphon drinker 1,5 l

It is manufactured with plastic material and includes two diff erent

parts: the cone (white tank) and the bottom (red tray).

The water is loaded by capsizing the tank.

The drinker is used on the fl oor.

It is suitable for chicks and poultry in general.

Capacity: 1,5 l


Material: food-grade plastic

Capacity: 1.5 l

Features: ideal solution for small-size fowl and birds

To be used on the floor

* Colours upon demand in case of large quantities

24 35 x 22 x 53 0,175 8010213001611


24 35 x 22 x 53 0,175 8010213971778
24 35 x 22 x 53 0.175 8010213978289
24 35 x 22 x 53 0,175 8010213978296

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