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An urban balcony garden? it's easy and funny, with Orto&Orto!

Urban balcony garden: how to cultivate vegetables and aromatic herbs in a small place

Cultivating an urban balcony garden and self produce the vegetables for your own kitchen is a common desire of an increasing number of people. The possibility to have real zero-mile vegetables, free from pesticides or other hazardous substances for the health, is a legitimate desire, which can be easy to meet by means of some additional precautions.

To meet the needs of the ones who want to cultivate an urban balcony garden, we conceived a product that is simple to use and assemble, which can be adapted to any space and need, and manufactured to last in time: Orto&Orto.

Orto&Orto is the innovatory modular urban balcony garden system, which can adapt to the needs of all enthusiasts thanks to the possibility to create completely customisable structures, being able to develop both in horizontal and vertical directions.

An urban balcony garden? it's easy and funny, with Orto&Orto!We have always paid attention to your health and, for this reason, the modular Orto&Orto containers are manufactured with high-quality food-grade plastic materials; in addition, they resist weathering agents and UV rays.

Thanks to the above-mentioned materials, Orto&Orto allows cultivating a large amount of vegetables in a small place. The plastic material, which is sturdy but light, allows supporting the total weight, as well as to stack various containers one on top of the other, in order to obtain a vertical urban garden. You can also connect the containers in horizontal direction to create more complex structures. To make the cultivation of an urban balcony garden increasingly easy and comfortable, revolving wheels are available that you can apply to Orto&Orto legs to improve the maintenance and to easily move the assembled structures without the need to disassemble them.

Also the extremely easy assembly is one of the strong points of Orto&Orto. You will not need special tools; everything is extremely simple and intuitive. Orto&Orto modular system meets the most varied needs: from the ones who want to have a single container for the cultivation of aromatic herbs, to the ones who prefer trying to cultivate different types of vegetables, and so create a real urban garden on the balcony.

The modular structure of the Orto&Orto urban balcony garden allows creating different arrangements and cultivating plants of various types, from vegetables to small fruit trees.
The modular structure of the Orto&Orto urban balcony garden allows creating different arrangements and cultivating plants of various types, from vegetables to small fruit trees.

So, where do we start? Let’s see it together!

  • Think about the space you have at disposal and decide how to arrange the structure.
  • Place the Orto&Orto system in a favourable area: you usually obtain the best results with a South-West or South-East exposure.
  • Assemble the structure by installing the legs under the first container (as an alternative, if you want, you can replace the legs with the specific wheels).
  • Place a layer of expanded clay, a few cm thick, on the bottom of the container, it will provide suitable drainage.
  • Then, add high-quality soil for vegetable-garden plants. It may be useful to mix coarse sand with the soil, equalling 1 portion of sand every 9 portions of soil; it will help prevent the formation of water stagnation.
  • When you finish the first container, you can install a second one on it, after spacing it by using the specific legs. Fill this container, as well, and go on this way until you obtain your desired structure. You can safely stack up to 3 containers to create a vertical urban garden.

Orto&Orto urban balcony garden

When you have finished and filled the entire structure, you can transplant or sow the plants. Yes, but what should I cultivate? Orto&Orto is suitable to cultivate several types of vegetables: salad, chicory, parsley, carrots, chillies, celery, fennel, rocket, radish, onion, garlic, scallions, aromatic herbs, they can all be cultivated in the individual containers. If you create a vertical urban balcony garden, remember to adapt the distance between the lower and the upper containers by installing the spacers and the legs, if any, in an alternated way, to adapt the space to the growth needs of the cultivated plant. For the plants that need deep soil because they have large roots or to be able to fasten sturdy supports, you can use the containers without bottom panel, and stack one or several of them on top of a normal container. This way, you can create sufficiently large vases to cultivate even small fruit trees and bushes.

Orto&Orto urban balcony gardenEvery side of the container is just about 50 cm (19.7 inch); if you install 4, you will obtain a one-square meter flowerbed where you can cultivate your desired plants. Remember that the containers are not drilled; therefore, water in a moderate way and leave the soil to slightly dry between the waterings. If the urban balcony garden Orto&Orto system is exposed to rainfalls – to prevent the containers from flooding – you can drill two small holes on the bottom of each container to assure their drainage, as it is explained in the instructions.

Orto&Orto urban balcony gardenBesides the containers, the urban balcony garden Orto&Orto line includes the legs and the spacers, which will allow you to connect the various elements, the wheels to be able to move your structures, and transparent plastic covers that allow protecting your vegetable against freezing, thus transforming the Orto&Orto system into a small, but comfortable and functional greenhouse.

You can decide both to purchase a previously arranged unit and the various individual parts to create your own structure as you wish. Orto&Orto will allow you to cultivate both a small collection of aromatic herbs to place into an individual container and a real urban balcony garden with minimum effort and care.

You can find the Orto&Orto system at several on-line resellers, as well as on Amazon. As an alternative, call us at the number +39 0331 301555 and ask for the list of Novital reseller close to you, where you can find or book the Orto&Orto components.

In the next future article we will examine how and what you can start to cultivate in your Orto&Orto. See you soon!

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